Construction logistics software that’s easy to use

Voyage Control is a digital solution for on site logistics management, delivery scheduling and resource allocation

Voyage Control In Action


Our cloud-based platform is customized for each individual site so that you can manage loading bay, tower crane and hoist requirements and availability every single day.


We’ve created mobile apps for truck drivers and site management so that users can schedule deliveries on the go with the site management team viewing and approving scheduled deliveries and checking them in as they arrive.


Our platform can be digitally displayed on a TV screen at the job site or on site near a hoist or tower crane for a real-time look at the days activities.


We have experience working on projects throughout North America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and Australia.


Our projects vary from commercial high rises to hospitals, higher education, sports stadiums, subway stations, airports, and even a ski resort!


We provide value for General Contractors, Subcontractors, Owners, and Developers.


Voyage Control is a proven system that gets Subcontractor buy-in, shown by 85% of deliveries through Voyage Control being scheduled by subcontractors.


Our software makes processes straightforward to Minimize Duplicative Efforts as only 5% of deliveries are edited.


Our highly customized software means we understand site setup and proactively Prevent Bottlenecks by analyzing peak capacities of loading docks, tower cranes, and hoists and managing their capacity limits accordingly.

Case Studies We're Proud Of

Scaling 1

Suffolk - Enterprise Partnership

Commercial 1

Structure Tone - American Airlines Skyview 8

Logistics 1

Laing O'Rourke - Manchester Airport

What Our Clients Say About Us

“It is essential to have a robust traffic delivery management plan, supported by a robust delivery management tool”

Project Logistics Lead, Laing O'Rourke

“I like the analytics, no-nonsense data, that is automatically populated through the use of the daily scheduling”

Site Supervisor, Robins & Morton

“Voyage Control allows us to know exactly when materials will show up on site and we can put pressure on subs when material shows up late or doesn’t show up at all”

Filed Engineer, Structure Tone

We Integrate With Procore!

Data from our platform automatically pushes data into Procore to improve productivity and reduce time spent doing monotonous data entry.

Daily Log - All of your daily deliveries are synced into the Daily Log for record keeping and auditing

Attachments - Such as photos of damaged materials or trucks are synced into the Daily Log as well

Submittals - Associate deliveries with Submittals to identify first deliveries to kickoff inspection processes

Directory - We also download and sync your project’s Procore Directory for all the subs on the job

Find us on the Procore app marketplace page here

Benefits of using Voyage Control

Transparent scheduling

Proactively plan site deliveries in a digital schedule updated in real time

Integrate material handling requirements

Align crane, hoist, and forklifts activities with site deliveries so that the appropriate resources are available when deliveries arrive

Analyze site productivity

Analyze subcontractor performance for cancelled deliveries, timeliness of arrival, and reported deliveries of damaged goods


Meet compliance requirements

Align with local and federal compliance requirements for site activity hours as well as any environmental reporting requirements

Align with lean construction initiatives

Standardize site processes, enable continuous improvement, and acquire quantifiable metrics

Streamline documentation

Delivery tickets, material certifications, receipt attachments and photos associated with each delivery are stored in one place

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