Who We Help in the Construction Industry

Challenges We Address

Losses due to logistics and delivery scheduling inefficiencies


Limited unloading areas in built up urban centers


Increase in compliance needs on construction project for local authorities, developers, and security

Reactive approach to booking that limits flexibility and planning


Low profitability in construction


Logistics can be 10-20% of costs


General Contractors

Voyage Control helps General Contractors improve site productivity through a reduction in wasted or failed deliveries and reduced queuing for trucks.


Voyage Control allows you to replace your whiteboard with a calendar that is updated in real time, making morning meetings much more effective.


Know the origin of deliveries so that you can prepare for any needed inspections of materials.

Site Supervisor

Account for resource constraints and align bay, hoist, and crane schedules with deliveries

Project Managers

Cross-site access to information for analytics and productivity reporting

Project & Field Engineers

Schedule and view deliveries in real time. Drastically reduce phone calls to avoid double/triple bookings.


View upcoming deliveries and check in deliveries as they arrive

Executive Team

Increase operational efficiency to improve margins

Sub Contractors

We help Sub Contractors improve their productivity through a reduction in wasted or failed deliveries to a site.


Provide visibility into the usage of resources, such as cranes and forklifts, so that different subs aren’t waiting idle to use them.


Drivers hit a traffic jam and all arrive at the same time where half of the drivers are unproductive and have to sit idly while the rest unload.


Show up on site and know exactly where to drive to drop your load off.

The right resources are available and ready for you when you arrive.


Provide more visibility in to when your drivers are arriving on site.

Optimize turn time to get more trips to sites.


Developers benefit by using the Voyage Control system because it gives them improved management through the build and operation phases, cut costs through a reduction in failed deliveries, and demonstrate compliance with local municipality requirements.


During a project, developers have access to time-stamped delivery information which can be used as evidence for noise and emissions compliance issues.

On-site safety is increased due to vehicles being checked in and out during every delivery.

Local Community

The local community benefits when Voyage Control is used because it reduces traffic congestion and impact on the surrounding areas throughout the construction process.


Reduce scenarios where trucks queue on the street causing traffic jams.


Ensure that any construction related activities are occurring inside the confinement of the site.


Success Stories 

Voyage Control’s platform has been used at numerous construction sites across various geographies and project types. Our software has been used at vertical builds, healthcare facilities, stadium renovations, train stations, and everything in between. Our core functionality lies in helping General Contractors gain visibility into the deliveries coming on site, to enhance security and drive accountability amongst all parties involved.

Laing O'Rourke - Manchester Airport

Laing O’Rourke draws on its experience of delivering major, complex projects in the aviation sector, meaning they know how to work with an airport’s many safety and security requirements during construction. Given the requirement for a thorough logistics platform, LOR looked to Voyage Control to tackle these challenges together.


They knew how important it would be to achieve the maximum throughput of the loading gates around the multiple project sites at the airport, and how valuable the Gate Clerks and Project Managers time is. Also, the security benefit of having an easily accessible record of exactly who was on site and when comes in handy for airport security.


Check out the case study we built together HERE.

Robins & Morton - MUSC Shawn Jenkins Children’s Hospital

Robins & Morton was looking for a tech partner to help them work towards lean construction goals. Their challenge? Building a new children’s hospital within a working hospital campus in downtown Charleston’s medical district, without disrupting ongoing medical operations. They had little visibility into their deliveries and resource requirements, which on a complex job site leads to chaos and headaches.


We joined forces to help them solve these issues and more, in the hopes of lowering their monthly Tylenol bills and increasing their time available for putting work in place. Good news, the results have been superb. Superintendents and Foremen are saving hours of time every week, and reallocating those hours to more time spent on their core project responsibilities.


Read the case study by clicking on the image to the left!

We’re Integrated with

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Benefits of Using Scheduling Software

Streamline processes and reduce congestion

A dynamic scheduling platform based on complex backend algorithms and customer specified constraints will reduce queuing into your hub and link up operational processes

Proactive control

Our platform enables real time control of your site through visibility of incoming traffic and the ability to communicate to all stakeholders (including drivers)

Improve user experience

Drivers won’t need to queue for extended periods of time so labour productivity is increased and there is less miscommunication issues between staff on site.

Easy to implement

The platform is client customizable and deployed over the cloud

Improve productivity

Collect management information and display analytics related to productivity, emissions and compliance reporting and other KPIs

Meet compliance requirements

Voyage Control reduces the environmental impact of any given construction site, measures and manages compliance requirements and improves relationships with statutory bodies and local communities

Lean Principles We Impact

Daily Log and Documentation

  • Consolidate all delivery documentation
  • Procore Daily Log and Submittal integration

Eliminating Defects

  • Real-time QA/QC involvement
  • Visibility into first delivery of a Submittal

Utilizing Talent

  • Let foremen, superintendents focus on putting work in place, spending less time communicating with subcontractors and vendors

Reduce Wait Time

  • Subcontractor or General Contractor employees can schedule timeslots for
    deliveries that fit into your project’s schedule
  • Enables scheduling collaboration through simplified communication

Resource Planning and Scheduling

  • Allocate crane/hoist/forklift resources based on scheduling needs
  • Transparency at all levels so everyone can see what’s coming in and when
  • Minimize overtime for deliveries coming in late by reducing the number of
    unexpected deliveries

Minimizing Inventory

  • Coordinating deliveries through a single platform allows for easier application of Just-In-Time construction

Motion and Transportation

  • Delivering to the right spot, at the right time
  • Reduce unnecessary motion (double handling)


  • Understand who is arriving late
  • Ability to analyze the times of day and site locations with the highest tardiness percentages

Vendor Performance

  • % of failed deliveries
  • Number of deliveries per day

Actionable Data

  • Benchmarking and measuring progress
  • Metrics become actionable pieces
    of information
  • Vendor accountability

Efficient Scheduling Delivers Value to Stakeholders


  • Reliable and real-time scheduling makes internal planning easier

     General Contractors

  • Enhances operational efficiencies


  • Visibility into the project, allowing for more efficient land use, minimized queuing and reduced need for staging/storage yards


  • Decrease congestion around the jobsite


 Learn more by watching the below video or download our one-sheeter here!


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