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“Good people with a good product, sensible, providing good support, specifically targeted to what we do. It’s a perfect match.”
– Lee Ainslie, Senior Superintendent

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How it Works

How Voyage Control works

What We Do

General Contractors license our software to manage and optimize their loading areas and on site resources, including tower cranes and hoists. Trade partners sign up, log in, and schedule material deliveries on our mobile app or web platform and the GCs approve the bookings. Delivery times and capacities are managed by the GCs to ensure when deliveries arrive, they get in and get out within their allotted time slot, which ensures everyone is operating at max efficiency to drive both monetary and time savings for everyone involved.


How We Do It

We onboard new GCs by getting a site map and creating a website for them to set up delivery areas and resources within their operational constraints. You can open or close areas on the fly, and in this process insure the trade partners showing up with goods don’t wait in a queue for hours, because the schedule is set to maximize throughput and optimize uptime of tower cranes and hoists. Forget the white board, use Voyage Control to provide real-time visibility of delivery schedules and optimized supply chain management to supers and trade partners alike.

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Why We Do It

The archaic process of using white boards and spreadsheets to manage the incredibly important delivery schedule is no longer providing value for the industry. By digitizing this process, everyone in the supply chain derives value from knowing who is coming, with what, and at what time so they can manage the site efficiently. We’re lowering the budget for headache medicine in the trailer by removing the need for back and forth calls to schedule and reschedule deliveries. When it’s used properly, you can save costs in wasted man hours of people not using their time as efficiently as they could.

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Your Daily Logs will be automatically populated every day with the previous day’s deliveries, saving time and removing unnecessary duplicative efforts.

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Watch Voyage Control's CEO, James Swanston, feature on the highly-acclaimed Bricks and Bytes podcast, where he shared invaluable insights on the intersection of military leadership principles and the world of business and entrepreneurship. In this captivating episode, James delves into his experiences serving as an army officer and the key lessons he gleaned from his military service, emphasizing the practical applications of war strategies in the realm of decision-making. He sheds light on how these military principles seamlessly align with the dynamic landscape of business, offering a unique perspective on adaptability, resilience, and strategic thinking. James also explores the art of making long-term plans in an uncertain world and the crucial skills of stress management and discipline that are indispensable for entrepreneurs in today's fast-paced business environment. Don't miss out on this insightful discussion as James Swanston shares his wisdom on how to navigate the turbulent waters of business with a military mindset. Listen to the full episode on the Bricks & Bytes podcast and watch the full episode here.

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Knight Solution’s ‘Partner 5 in 5’ series focuses on Procore Technologies partner companies to learn more about the company itself, the utilization of Procore integrations, and how they work to improve the construction industry.


As part of Knight Solution’s 9th episode of their ‘Partner 5 in 5’ series, Voyage Control CEO, James Swanston and Knight Solution’s Managing Director, Robert Hudman together discuss all things Voyage Control and Hoyst within the construction industry and the supply chain.

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Key Benefits

Transparent scheduling

Proactively plan site deliveries in a digital schedule updated in real time and provide visibility of site deliveries to anyone and everyone interested in the day’s schedule of deliveries

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Integrate material management requirements

Align crane, hoist, and forklifts activities with site deliveries so that the tower cranes and hoists are available when deliveries arrive

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Analyze site productivity

Analyze trade partner performance for cancelled deliveries, timeliness of arrival, and reported deliveries of damaged goods

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Meet compliance requirements

Align with local and federal compliance requirements as well as any environmental reporting requirements

ESG - environmental, social, governance
Align with lean construction initiatives

Standardize site processes, enable continuous improvement, and acquire quantifiable metrics

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Streamline documentation

Delivery tickets, material certifications, receipt attachments and photos associated with each delivery are stored in one place

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