Deliveries, Resources and Vehicle Management at your fingertips

Voyage Control is a cutting edge logistics management solution used in three major industries:



We are a proven software solution for managing site logistics including deliveries, on site resources and tracking material inventory.



We’re reinventing the way that marine terminal operators, 3PL companies, trucking companies, cruise terminals, and BCOs manage cargo and vehicles.



We’re improving the exhibitor experience at venues by aligning the schedule of the event organizers, venue managers and traffic team on site.

We’re replacing the clipboard at the loading dock

Control your trucks and manage every delivery with ease

Enhance Visibility 1

Enhance Visibility

Manage your site operations with a robust delivery scheduling system that enables communication and collaboration among all of the parties involved.

Drive Accountibility

Drive Accountability

Utilize the advanced analytics to ensure that security and environmental compliance standards are met as well as maintain records on reported deliveries, late deliveries, and more.

Increase Profitability

Increase Profitability

Create a sustainable business model by establishing best practices to streamline processes to reduce both extra work and rework on site.

Our Clients

Three different industries share many of the same inefficiencies in the supply chain. Our clients and partners are on the forefront of addressing these challenges and we’re proud to work with them all over the world.


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We’re ready to help you drive efficient operations on your construction site, at your events venue, or around your marine terminal. Send us a message and we’ll set up a product demo to showcase Voyage Control’s capabilities, tailored to your company’s needs.

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