Lowering turn times for truckers and terminals

Voyage Control is a cutting-edge system for managing containers and appointments

What We Do

Voyage Control’s software solution provides an opportunity for Marine Terminal Operators and Cruise Terminals to increase productivity by improving site operations for container movements.

Voyage Control was designed from the ground up with the needs of Marine Terminal Staff and Trucking Companies at the forefront of our design.

How We Do It

By offering an efficient scheduling platform for trucking companies to use to manage container pickups and drop offs, the terminal is able to manage the incoming flow of cargo coming and going from the yard to maintain a steady flow of deliveries, reducing congestion and greenhouse gas emissions.

Why Us?

Voyage Control is a proven system that has helped to drastically cut turn times. See what we’ve done to help one terminal here.

Voyage Control provides real-time container availability and scheduling reducing phone calls, customer support requests and trouble tickets.

Voyage control provides detailed analytics to help Marine Terminal Operators drive accountability and increase productivity at terminals.

Terminals optimizing their logistics and operations using our software


Yusen Terminal Inc - Los Angeles, USA


Ceres Cruise Terminal - Vancouver, BC


Fenix Marine Services - Los Angeles, USA

A case study with YTI


Reducing turn times

Yusen Terminal Inc - Los Angeles, USA

Benefits of using Voyage Control

Decreased congestion, queue times and turn times

Increased visibility and planning in terminal operations

Flexible platform with role-dependent viewing options

Reduced CO2 emissions resulting in cost-effective environmental compliance

Cargo organization and prioritization

Enhanced control of yard operations

Real-time moving of appointments with a click


Voyage Control helps terminals organize cargo delivery and movement while providing visibility to better service their customers

Trucking Companies

Voyage control helps the trucking community increase productivity at terminals and provides availability information for important containers

Beneficial Cargo Owners

Voyage Control provides comprehensive insight into where containers are and which companies or terminals are handling important cargo

Local Community

The local community benefits when Voyage Control is used because it reduces congestion around the terminal that can negatively impact surrounding businesses and road conditions

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