Streamline your event operations

Voyage Control is an Air-Traffic Control system for your trucks

How We Do It

The Voyage Control platform is an air-traffic control system for trucks that helps to streamline deliveries and material handling, and support security and compliance requirements.

We help venues reduce congestion, improve productivity, and overall operate more efficiently. From Exhibition Halls, Convention Centers, Theaters, and more, we’ve helped our clients figure out how best to handle delivery scheduling and resource management. We’ve even successfully helped clients win awards by enhancing their operations, by making their logistics more environmentally friendly.

Where We Do It

Whilst we started in London, UK, we currently help to manage logistics for venues in Australia, North America, Asia and Europe. A combined 80,000 businesses in those regions have used our platform to schedule 2,000,000 deliveries to our clients’ sites.

Our clients are exhibition centers, sporting events, and world expos who all benefit strongly from the use of our platform.

We provide value to Exhibitors, Venue Managers, Event Organizers, and even the Local Community!

Why Us?

Voyage Control has proven experience in improving the experience for exhibitors and show managers with managing deliveries.

Our software directly improves security through better awareness of who and what is coming on site and the ability to audit all inbound traffic.

We’ve demonstrated the ability to reduce reliance on existing marshaling yards by establishing best practices and embracing innovation in the industry.

Exhibition centers optimizing their operations with Voyage Control

vcc events page

Vancouver Convention Centre


Olympia - London, United Kingdom


MTCC - Toronto , Canada


Antwerp Expo - Antwerp, Belgium

Case studies we're proud of

“Our standbuilders complimented us saying this was the smoothest build we ever had. They got their work done much quicker using Voyage Control.”

Project Manager, Antwerp Expo

“By pre-scheduling vehicle bookings our contractors and exhibitors are guaranteed to have a clear delivery window.”

Operations Manager, Global Exhibitions, Informa

“Voyage Control has allowed us to maximise vehicle capacity and pre-schedule deliveries. This has resulted in a much smoother process for our contractors and exhibitors, who no longer face delays to their build schedule due to site access.”

Operations Executive, Global Exhibitions, Informa

Benefits of using Voyage Control


Improved customer experience due to more control over booking their own timeslot

Less waiting around to access their booth

Venue Managers

Improved venue security

Enhanced control over on-site resources such as forklifts

Robust reporting on shows, carbon, on-site capacity

Reinventing and removes paper and manual process


Local Community

Less impact from venue congestion due to optimal flow of traffic with a smoother and steadier flow of vehicles

Improved health due to reductions in CO2 surrounding venue because of reduced vehicle idling

Event Organizers

Track vehicles as they arrive

Audit trail of late deliveries, overstays

Post-event reporting

More control over show schedule and vehicle movements

Events Partner Associations

Major Events International (MEI) provides international business services and market penetration for companies who want to take advantage of Olympic and World Cup opportunities and win more business in major events. We interface the international mega sporting events market with multi-sector business experts and thereby deliver effective resource utilization mitigating risk and optimizing performance.


Our international business services also offer access to a range of integrated services including international market profile enhancement, strategy development and uniquely, in-country early entry support. The latter encompasses tasks such as proposal development, translation, sustained customer contact and market intelligence.


The services are geared to save our customers time and expenditure during the business expansion process and enable them to be more competitive in capitalizing on Olympic and World Cup opportunities in this global, iconic mega events market.


Representing public assembly venues from around the globe, IAVM's active members include managers and senior executives from auditorium, arenas, convention centers, exhibit halls, stadiums, performing arts centers, university complexes, and amphitheaters.


Member venues represent huge expenditures of public and private funds. They attract millions of patrons to an astonishing variety of events from football to basketball, baseball to hockey, from rock concerts to conventions, conferences to ballets...the list is almost endless.


IAVM counts more than 500 Allied companies among its members. These companies provide products and services used by managers. Through their IAVM membership, Allied members are able to present their products to this vast market.

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