Delivery Scheduling
With On-the-Fly
Capacity Management

Real-time visibility and control of your entire facility's deliveries


Shopping malls are purpose built, with capacity and systems in place. The problem with any multi-business facility is all the businesses operate in silos and make requests for deliveries and don’t (typically) care about others, but the facility can only allocate x% to parking and loading bays in this very expensive real estate


Multiple retailers requiring daily deliveries in limited loading areas with a set amount of resources


A universal system of controls to manage all deliveries in a real-time app that satisfies everyone’s needs

The Benefits

Better experience for on site tenants and retailers

Smoother run facility

Easier management of resources such as security guards and handlers


St. James' Quarter Edinburgh

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Wembley Arena

"If we can deliver 2-3% improvement, we're delivering a 10-15% improvement for everyone working in that facility." - Industry Expert