Security on Construction Sites

Construction sites are very busy environments. With all the work going on, there is a constant movement of people, machinery, and materials. This makes construction sites prone to insecurity. The equipment used during construction is also very expensive making it a target for crime. During construction, everyone is focused on their allocated tasks. Supervisors guide workers while the machine operators are also doing their share of the work. There are also so many people at a construction site it is impossible to know or identify everyone. This provides an ideal environment for an opportunist to randomly walk in and assess the value of items and the possibility of performing a more organized crime. Construction sites also have many access or entry points. This is to allow vehicles to easily deliver materials. These many access points also make it prone to insecurity.

Security poses a big challenge in construction sites and projects. When a crime is committed on a site for instance stealing a machine, it affects all operations. Construction equipment is very expensive, costing millions. This will be a major setback for the construction company. Funds will have to be raised to buy another machine. The construction company will make a loss if the equipment were not insured. Project delivery within the time specified is also very important. Such inconveniences cause delays and may lead to the dissatisfaction of the client. Insecurity does not only relate to materials, tools, or equipment but also to the workers. When trespassers come to the site, they may steal something that may potentially injure or even kill workers. For instance, when they remove fixtures and leave the wiring unsafe, this can harm the workers.


Security in construction sites is therefore an issue that should be discussed during the planning stages. A company may opt to hire watchmen to ensure that only the required personnel for the project are accessing the site. Some watchmen may also be deployed to guard equipment and ensure that they are safely returned after use. This may be effective to some extent but not entirely. First, it is difficult for the watchmen to identify every single worker. Some people may be canning and disguise as workers. The company will also have to invest a lot of funds in labor as many guards will be required to ensure the site is secure. Also, being that there are human limitations, they will offer little help in cases of highly organized crime and they may risk their own lives as well.

With the constant advancements in technology, ways to deal with insecurity are constantly being come up with. There is CCTV technology that enables one to see what is going on at every location on the site. It also enables one to record the footage for referral purposes. There is also an increase in the use of biometric technology where fingerprints are used. This is extremely useful in keeping away trespassers. All personnel allowed to work on the project can register their fingerprints and clock in and out at the gate every day. For this to work, it is necessary to create fences and gates to limit the access points.

Tracking is key in ensuring security is maintained on site. It is possible nowadays to manage all operations from a single device. The movement of machinery and equipment can be tracked and their position on the site known. Voyage Control offers cutting edge logistics management. It is a software that enables one to manage deliveries, manage on-site resources, and track material inventory. Tracking of resources such as materials and equipment is important. Tracking is therefore an efficient and effective way of ensuring security is maintained on construction sites.

Written by: Ruixin Wang / April 27, 2021