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Voyage Control offers an efficient solution for UK event venues to manage the logistics of large volumes of vehicles entering and exiting during events. With its advanced vehicle tracking features, it enhances venue security while improving safety and efficiency. The system provides free access to exhibitors and offers an effective tool to streamline logistics for event centers. By enabling venues to view all deliveries in advance and plan their resources accordingly, it ensures that they have the right resources at the right time, creating an efficient and safe environment for staff and exhibitors alike.

Event Efficiency

This focus on efficiency enables event industry businesses to stagger types of delivery, ensuring the most efficient build times for all events. Over time, companies can plan to support even more events, enhancing profitability and success. By effectively managing traffic flow, Voyage Control prevents overcrowding during the build and breakdown phases of events. The system uses dynamic scaling to adjust the unload and reload times of each vehicle type, based on its size and unique characteristics, ensuring a smooth flow of traffic and deliveries.

Venue Safety

Efficient management of loading bays is crucial to minimize delays, accidents, and overcrowding, ensuring a safe environment for all. Voyage Control plays a vital role in this by enabling all venues’ traffic teams with the tools to resolve logistical difficulties and providing them to better organize the parking availability to vehicles prior to their arrival at the event. This helps to ensure a seamless and stress-free experience for exhibitors and staff alike.

What is ESG?

Furthermore, this system is designed to adapt to evolving regulations set forth by the UK Government and Councils, ensuring that UK event industry businesses can stay compliant. By integrating new requirements into their booking process, businesses can ensure that vehicles delivering to their venues are fully equipped with the necessary documents and data for approval or compliance, resulting in time savings on site and preventing exhibitors from being caught off guard.

In summary, the advantages of Voyage Control are substantial. It offers a dependable and effective solution for managing vehicle traffic logistics, strengthening venue security, and meeting regulatory obligations. By harnessing such technology, event organizers can streamline their logistics operations and focus on delivering an exceptional and secure experience for exhibitors, staff, and attendees.

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