Introducing Voyage Control's
Appointment System at YTI

Current Status at the Port of LA

In 2016, the Port of LA, ranking number 1 in the U.S. in container volume since 2000, recorded an 8.2 million TEU volume, which already increased 8.5 % from 2015.

This has led to a port-wide:

  • Average increase in turn times
  • Decrease in productivity at terminals

8% Increased Truck Volume Year Over Year

21% Decreased Turn Times Since Launch


  • Increasing queue times
  • Laborious communication
  • Minimal visibility into performance
  • Dated technology and software
  • Limited physical space on-site


  • Implement a user friendly tool that can be used by all stakeholders through a single interface
  • Train users on the easy-to-use software through on-site presence and client feedback sessions
  • Provide insight into container volume and times at which import containers are retrieved


Rather than forcing an existing solution on the trucking community, Yusen Terminals (YTI) worked collaboratively with the Harbor Truckers Association and Voyage Control to build a platform that helped to address many concerns that the trucking community had. This proactive stakeholder engagement not only helped with the smooth implementation of the platform, but also has resulted in significant operational improvements that have driven down turn times for truckers.

Voyage Control was built collaboratively by both marine terminal, BCO, and trucking stakeholders to allow for the right mix of features to create a smoother and more consistent flow of cargo.”

- Weston LaBar, Executive Director – HTA

YTI Turn Times Overview

Average Environmental Savings Per Month

With the Clean Air Action Plan aiming to reduce greenhouse gas emissions 40% by 2030, part of our mission is to help reduce truck idling times at the terminal. By assisting in decreasing turn times, we’re helping to minimize the amount of GHG’s created by idling trucks at the terminal.

“I view the development of the Voyage Control appointment system as one of the great successes of the past year at the San Pedro Port Complex. It resulted in the HTA awarding YTI with the Terminal of the Year Award for excellence for the POLA complex.”

- George Boyle, President and CEO of Quik Pick Express LLC and President of the HTA