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Optimising Delivery Scheduling and
Capacity at Vitafoods Europe

“By pre-scheduling vehicle bookings our contractors and exhibitors are guaranteed to have a

clear delivery window which allows them to efficiently plan their time at the Exhibition.”

- Operations Manager, Global Exhibitions, Informa

How We Help


  • Traffic congestion and confusion during build and break-down phases
  • Lack of visibility tracking vehicles and prioritising deliveries
  • Inability to analyse which exhibitors are arriving on-site/on time


  • Real-time delivery scheduling platform for exhibitors and site managers
  • Improved check-in process via cloud-based app and web portal
  • Analytics for which vehicles/contractors are arriving on time with their drop-of materials


Working with the event organiser, Informa, we were able to apply our platform to reduce wait times and traffic queues at the event. Previously, there was limited visibility into when trucks were coming to make deliveries, leading to a bottleneck at the loading area. Now, with all contractors and exhibitors pre-scheduling their delivery access times, Informa are able to assess peak volume times and be more efficient with their staffing schedules, making the whole process more cost effective.

“Voyage control has allowed us to maximise vehicle capacity at Palexpo and pre-schedule deliveries so that they unload at the closest access point to their stand. This has resulted in a much smoother process for our contractors and exhibitors, who no longer face delays to their build schedule due to site access.”

- Operations Executive, Global Exhibitions, Informa