The Disruption Train Is Coming With James Swanston From Voyage Control (Ep. #174)

In a riveting and insightful podcast interview, James Swanston, CEO and founder of Voyage Control, shares his extraordinary journey from military service to pioneering innovations in construction technology. This exclusive interview delves into James’ unique career path, touching on his experiences in the military, lessons learned, and how those lessons are transforming the landscape of construction logistics.

Key Highlights

  • From Sydney to Southeast Asia - A Global Upbringing: Discover James’ early years, born in Sydney, Australia, and raised in the scenic Blue Mountains. Explore the fascinating twist in his life as he moved to Southeast Asia, specifically Brunei, gaining exposure to diverse cultures and languages.
  • Military Life and a Bronze Star Experience: Listen to the captivating narrative of James’ military journey, including his role in the Australian Army's peacekeeping force in East Timor. Gain insights into his experience in Baghdad in 2004, where he was honored with a Bronze Star for exceptional service.
  • The Birth of Foy's Control - A Military Mindset in Construction Tech: Understand how James’ military background, particularly in intelligence and data analysis, laid the foundation for Voyage Control. Explore the parallels between military strategies, like the Boyd cycle, and the principles driving success in the construction and logistics sectors.
  • The Logistics Revolution - Solving Construction Industry Challenges: Learn about the evolution of Voyage Control and its mission to revolutionize logistics in the construction industry. James discusses the critical role of data utilization in enhancing efficiency, productivity, and decision-making, drawing parallels between military intelligence and business strategies.
  • Logistics Beyond Construction - Lessons from Global Projects: Explore how Voyage Control extends beyond construction to address challenges in various sectors, including events and container terminals. James shares real-world examples, emphasizing the importance of embracing technology for optimal logistics management.

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