Managing Commercial Interior Construction with Limited Site Resources

The Project

Structure Tone managed the interior fit out of the newly constructed American Airlines Skyview 8 in Fort Worth, Texas. The project proved to be especially complex as it was in the middle of a larger campus project and required Structure Tone's expertise, as well as a logistics assist from Voyage Control.

The Challenge

Structure Tone needed to manage deliveries for four product delivery points across a very large campus, creating a complex logistics situation. It would be important to handle dock and labor time efficiently as well as prevent traffic around the loading dock areas. On this complicated project, keeping real-time data on which gate/route was currently available would be critical to maintaining tight control of on site resources such as the forklift and man lifts.

The Solution

Structure Tone sought out the help of Voyage Control to implement a cloud-based scheduling platform that would enable the site team to manage their complex site's logistics with ease. The ability to update delivery times and locations on the fly is key, but also allowing the site team to realize those updates in real-time helped get subcontractors in and out in a flash. By staying ahead of the updates, the loading gate and on site resources are able to operate at maximum uptime.

25 Trades

Collaborating and benefiting

25 Hours Saved/Week

By the Structure Tone team

Countless headaches saved for the subs

1,000 Deliveries

In the first year of the project alone

The Results with Voyage Control

With a successful deployment of the Voyage Control platform, the Structure Tone field team was able to more efficiently run their site logistics by delegating the scheduling of over 1000 deliveries to subcontractors in the first year. This modern process replaced the previous one of manually scheduling deliveries via call and text.


Voyage Control also brought together 25 trades to collaborate together to create a schedule that was mutually beneficial. By scheduling deliveries through Voyage Control, the subs had the confidence of knowing they’re able to get their vehicles on site at that time. The subs could also be sure that any resources they needed to unload their material, such as a manlift or forklift, would be scheduled in advance and ready upon arrival for use.


The field team saved 25 hours every week that was previously spent on multiple back and forth phone calls for rescheduling, constantly updating the team to rescheduled deliveries, dealing with congestion at the loading gate, or manually managing Man Lift and forklift usage. That’s time saved that can be better spent putting in more valuable work to get the job done.

"Voyage Control allows us to know exactly when materials will show up on site and we can put pressure on subcontractors when material shows up late or doesn’t show up at all."

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"Voyage Control has been increasingly more important since we only have 1 delivery point now for all 7 buildings, we are able to prioritize our loading dock time and avoid conflicts getting in and out of the loading dock"