Proactively Managing Site Logistics

The Challenge

Building a new children’s hospital within the constraints of ongoing hospital campus operations brought the following challenges:

  1. Maintaining efficient site operations while scaling from a 30 person job to an over 500 person job
  2. Scheduling deliveries from many trades into a limited unloading area without impacting project schedule or causing congestion that affects the local community
  3. Planning daily work and staying within schedule with siloed communication and limited visibility into when supplies are arriving

The Solution

What we deployed to overcome these challenges:

  1. Consolidated delivery logistics from five superintendents using spreadsheets and phone calls for scheduling to one point person who oversees all deliveries via the Voyage Control platform
  2. Implemented a real-time delivery scheduling platform for Robins & Morton to know when trucks arrive on site to eliminate negative impacts on Downtown Charleston’s Medical District
  3. Provided trackable metrics to bring transparency to day to day deliveries to proactively manage the overall project schedule

“Voyage Control is the most organized delivery system I’ve dealt with.”

– HVAC Subcontractor

Resource Optimization Through Software

“An issue was forklift operators being pulled from one activity to another without notice – it
makes the whole day inefficient when you have continuous unexpected deliveries showing up on-site.”

- Robins and Morton Project Engineer

Enabling team members to focus on their core project responsibilities of putting work in place:

  1. Foremen: Ensures proper resources and workforce are in place for daily delivery needs
  2. Field Engineers/Superintendents: Gives them the ability to more aptly plan work by having more control and visibility of when materials will be delivered onsite
  3. Subcontractors: Deliveries are scheduled with confidence in site and resource availability based on mutually convenient time slots

Feedback from the Team

“It helps foster accountability we had previously been unable to maintain.”

- Robins & Morton Super/PE

“It works out well knowing exactly what time things are coming in... it saves time because we actually know when to be ready for materials.”

- Robins & Morton Foreman

“I have better relationships with the drivers... it helps keep everyone in check.”

- Robins & Morton Gate Attendant

“I like the analytics, no-nonsense data, that is automatically populated through the use of the daily scheduling.”

- Robins & Morton Superintendent

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