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Teamwork Makes the Site Work

Bay Adelaide Centre - North Tower, Toronto

“Good people with a good product, sensible, providing good support, specifically targeted to what we do. It’s a perfect match.”

- Senior Superintendent


Lee Ainslie, Senior Superintendent with Multiplex Construction Canada Ltd., manages the Bay Adelaide North Tower project, a 32-story commercial tower in the heart of downtown Toronto. This complex project on a tight urban site with both transit and PATH connections required careful planning, logistics management and trade coordination. Lee and the site team set out to investigate a platform that would bring greater efficiency and visibility to managing their site logistics.  After learning about Voyage Control and its integration with Procore, the project team signed on in May 2020. After three and a half years of working with trade partners and tenants alike, they’re wrapping up construction and pleased with the efficiency and visibility Voyage Control provided for managing their site’s logistic challenges.

“Voyage Control was a game changer. Very user friendly. On your PC, your phone or your laptop.”

- Senior Superintendent

Integration with Procore’s Daily Log has been key for eliminating duplicative efforts for the team. A great feature of the Voyage Control platform for Multiplex.



Voyage Control is a very straightforward platform. Easy to navigate, and you can input deliveries right rom your phone. The real-time updates across devices provides visibility of who wants to do what and the ability to say who can or can’t come in at what time. Multiplex began with using iPads to check in deliveries, as well as using them to show the gate clerks what their day looks like for deliveries and resources are required for unloading. After a while, they switched to having a TV monitor in the office with the Voyage Control calendar displayed, with showing everyone the day’s delivery schedule.

Tenant Management

With key tenants doing the bulk of deliveries in the later stages of construction, and using shared resources and loading areas, Mulitplex created a tenant management plan to hand over areas in stages. Some of these areas had to be shared due to where the job was at, and they provided a separate delivery area for tenants at the loading dock. Even though Multiplex didn’t have final approval of deliveries for the tenants, this provided visibility of the tenants coming on site via Voyage Control. The key to efficient usage of the site’s areas and resources was knowing how long Multiplex had the elevator drivers for using the calander view.

Planning is Key

Multiplex only allowed hour slots for deliveries at a time in the platform’s default settings. If trade partners needed more time, they simply communicated with the GC, enacting real-time changes to the calander schedule as needed. This forces people into planning out what they’re doing and communicating to other people that benefit from knowing this info so they can plan, instead of operating in their own silos. When it comes down to it, everybody needs everybody on the job even if there’s no direct value, as there will always be a time when the other group’s activities are important to you as well.

Live Subway Operations

With live PATH operations ongoing underneath the site, Multiplex had to isolate the path areas before breaking through the Path and four levels of existing carpark. With Voyage Control not installed in the early stages, it was a challenge getting trades on board that had been working on the site beforehand. Once Voyage Control was implemented, they were able to turn around deliveries that weren’t booked into the platform, keeping the delivery schedule optimized for maximum efficiency of everyone’s time spent on site.

“Voyage Control helps everybody if you listen and take in what it is. Much more defined and clear and an efficient way of doing things.”
- Senior Superintendent