Multiple Projects
One Logistics Solution Fits All

Site Setup

Parcel I



‣ Limited material delivery windows
‣ Constantly changing unloading areas
‣ Potential traffic jams
‣ Multiple trades working simultaneously
‣ Tight delivery zones
‣ Across from live baseball stadium (Parcel I)
‣ Neighborhood setting (300M)

“Voyage Control is becoming more and more important. It helps us get deliveries in and into the building on time.” 

– Adam Sutton, Project Engineer


solutions image

“Everybody has the app and it’s nice to have on my phone and look at it when I’m not in my office. It has controlled people randomly bringing in trucks. A nice way of keeping things organized and being able to control the hectic site.”

- Susie Burns, Assistant Superintendent

“Would recommend it to a friend. It’s nice that people can’t delete other people’s schedules. Before they would use a white board and they would just wipe other people off. I like it because it’s way more organized and people can’t mess with it.”

- Susie Burns, Assistant Superintendent