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An In-Depth Interview with James on Voyage Control and Hoyst - Knight Solutions

As part of Knight Solution’s 9th episode of their ‘Partner 5 in 5’ series, Voyage Control CEO, James Swanston and Knight Solution’s Managing Director, Robert Hudman together discuss all things Voyage Control and Hoyst within the construction industry and the supply chain. Dive into the challenges faced by construction companies and how these innovative platforms are transforming the industry.

Knight Solution’s ‘Partner 5 in 5’ series focuses on Procore Technologies partner companies to learn more about the company itself, the utilization of Procore integrations, and how they work to improve the construction industry.

Key Takeaways

  1. Solving Construction Logistics Challenges: James delves into the pains that Voyage Control and Hoyst aim to solve for construction companies. From managing logistics with outdated tools like paper and spreadsheets to streamlining last-mile deliveries and addressing compliance issues, these platforms are changing the game.

  2. Suite of Solutions: Explore the comprehensive suite of solutions offered by Voyage Control, including Hoyst and the recently acquired Cranetime. Learn how these tools cater to various aspects of construction logistics, from optimizing hoist operations to enhancing overall supply chain efficiency.

  3. Customer Profiles: Discover the types of companies benefiting from Voyage Control and Hoyst. James highlights our focus on larger construction firms and developers, supporting projects of varying sizes globally. Understand the roles within these companies that experience the most significant benefits.

  4. Integration with Procore: Learn about the seamless integration of Voyage Control and Hoyst with Procore, a leading construction management platform. James discusses how this integration provides centralized data collation, offering enterprise-wide visibility and simplifying daily operations.

  5. Ease of Implementation and Ongoing Support: James outlines the straightforward process of getting started with Voyage Control and Hoyst, emphasizing customer configurability. Explore the training methods and ongoing support options, including our help function, ensuring that customers can make changes on the fly and users get the assistance they need easily.

  6. Future Developments: Get a sneak peek into the upcoming developments with a new version of the platform scheduled for release. James discusses enhancements in submittals, integration with Procore's directory, and new modules focused on end-to-end supply chain challenges.

  7. The Unified Platform Approach: James reveals the transition from separate products to a unified platform, allowing customers to choose and customize modules based on their needs. The vision is to create a seamless, plug-and-play experience for construction logistics and procurement.


As construction logistics evolve, Voyage Control and Hoyst are at the forefront of innovation. James provides a glimpse into the future of these platforms, promising a unified, streamlined approach to construction management. Watch the full interview for an in-depth understanding of how these solutions are reshaping the construction industry.


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