How to think like Amazon in the construction industry


About Future Engineering Club:

Established in 2019, the Future Engineering Club serves as a dynamic industry working group that fosters collaboration between construction tech startups, industry decision-makers, and venture capital investors. Over the years, the Future Engineering Club facilitated connections that led to four term sheets issued, three commercial partnerships forged, and numerous hiring success stories.

Podcast Guest - James Swanston: 

James Swanston is not only the CEO of Voyage Control but also a seasoned entrepreneur and a former officer in the Australian and British armies with tours of duty in East Timor, Iraq, and Afghanistan. He brings a wealth of experience, holding accolades such as the US Bronze Star, the Defense Imagery and Geospatial Organization's Outstanding Service Award, and the Australian Joint Operations Commendation.

Listen to the podcast:

Key Highlights

  1. Tech Disruption vs. Acquisition:

    • Whether technology companies can become construction companies and vice versa.

  2. Current Industry Landscape: 

    • Voyage Control's focus on global supply chain and logistics, spanning 260 construction projects internationally.
    • Insight into challenges faced by construction companies, financial problems, and market corrections.
  3. Resilience in the Market:
    • Evaluation of market resilience, with the labor gap preventing sector overheating.
    • Addressing challenges in accessing materials and the industry's vulnerability.
  4. UK Construction Model Critique:
    • Criticism of the potentially broken UK construction market model.
    • Emphasis on learning from digitally advanced sectors to boost productivity.
  5. Future Trends and Supply Chain:
    • Anticipation of ESG reporting impact on the industry.
    • Foresees consolidation in the tech space and explores the potential for technology companies to acquire construction firms.

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