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Improving Lives By Implementing Technology

The Why

After using Voyage Control for the past eight months at 141 Willoughby in NY, Jacqui Mascoli, Gilbane's Project Executive said at the NYBuild conference, "using technology should make people's lives easier." Her quote reflects Gilbane's experience onboarding and using Voyage Control to manage their site's logistics, including all deliveries and high value resources.

The Who

Voyage Control's Champion on site, General Super Mike Ertaskiran, was at first hesitant about implementing a new technology on site for something he'd been managing for years without it. Fast forward eight months, and now it "lightens [his] load and makes things easier" and he's promised to recommend using it to "all the old dogs" he knows.

The How

This is the kind of positive response we look for that validates our software is doing it's job, and doing it well. Whether we're cutting out hours of back and forth phone calls for Supers and Execs, saving on the monthly Tylenol budget in the trailer, or keeping concrete loads from expiring while waiting in a queue at the loading gate, our technology is driving more efficient logistics on site which always helps projects finish on time, and on budget.

Getting the site team and trade partners on board is half the battle, but when you can promise them they will have open access to the site and resources when they arrive on site on time, without the potential of a long queue, everyone signs on pretty quickly.

General Super Mike wants to "use [Voyage Control] on projects in the portfolio across the board" because he can do things like limit deliveries before 7:30AM so trash collection can happen without interruptions.


He's able to go into the platform and deny any deliveries before 7:30, typically from the scaffolding subcontractor, so they can run garbage out but keep the curtain wall overhead progress moving smoothly.


Another reason he loves it is they installed an on site monitor in between the North and South Gates that displays the Voyage Control weekly calendar view, updated in real time for all to see. The Dock Master has the only remote and is able to maintain the traffic flow as scheduled.

They use a 15-minute grace period, but after that, the dock master will send you packing so other deliveries can get in and unload during their pre-approved time slot. Most importantly, Mike and his team like Voyage Control for the fact that "it's easy, because I don't have to drop everything to schedule a delivery."