Transforming Logistics Management with James Swanston, CEO at Voyage Control. (Ep. #4)

Delivery management - trucks

About Future Engineering Club:

Established in 2019, the Future Engineering Club serves as a dynamic industry working group that fosters collaboration between construction tech startups, industry decision-makers, and venture capital investors. Over the years, the Future Engineering Club facilitated connections that led to four term sheets issued, three commercial partnerships forged, and numerous hiring success stories.

Podcast Guest - James Swanston: 

James Swanston is not only the CEO of Voyage Control but also a seasoned entrepreneur and a former officer in the Australian and British armies with tours of duty in East Timor, Iraq, and Afghanistan. He brings a wealth of experience, holding accolades such as the US Bronze Star, the Defense Imagery and Geospatial Organization's Outstanding Service Award, and the Australian Joint Operations Commendation.

Key Highlights

  • Insights into Logistics Efficiency: Discover how Voyage Control's digital platform is revolutionizing logistics across sectors worldwide. James sheds light on the company's mission to make supply chain processes more efficient for clients globally.

  • Challenges and Triumphs: From the complexities of working across a broad supply chain to securing subcontractor buy-in, James shares insights into the challenges faced by Voyage Control. The discussion touches on the learning curve for clients, especially in an industry often dependent on traditional methods like whiteboards and paper tickets.

  • Global Expansion and Focus: With offices in the UK, USA, Australia and Europe, James discusses the intricacies of scaling a business across multiple continents. Gain valuable insights into the balance between global expansion and maintaining a laser focus on specific markets.

  • Hiring Strategies and Company Culture: Explore Voyage Control's approach to hiring, where flexibility and an entrepreneurial spirit trump sector experience. James reflects on the importance of building a dynamic team that can thrive in the fast-paced environment of a tech startup.

  • The Funding Decision: In a world driven by venture capital, Voyage Control stands out as a company that chose not to take this traditional funding route. James shares the reasons behind this decision, emphasizing the focus on revenue and the opportunity cost associated with seeking external investment.

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