From Trial to Suffolk Standard
- The Playbook

“Voyage Control has consistently ranked as one of the top rated applications in the Suffolk Innovation portfolio of tools.”
- Erin Khan, National Director of Construction Solutions

Synopsis of Growth

Suffolk and Voyage Control have been working together since 2016. With 100 active Suffolk projects at any given point, about a third of those currently use Voyage Control, and all new projects leverage the software moving us closer and closer to 100% utilization. In the past six years, Voyage Control has shifted from being a “trial status” software vendor, being evaluated by the Construction Solutions team on a regular basis, to part of the Suffolk standard. Through our deep partnership with Suffolk’s best and brightest, with quarterly site-level reviews and monthly check in calls to discuss strategy and product roadmap, we’ve been able to thoroughly improve the platform we offer while simultaneously improving Suffolk’s logistics and ROI.

Site Implementation, Incremental Process Improvement

At the very beginning, we asked the Suffolk team at One Dalton in Boston for a site map and a list of delivery zones and site resources, then built out a platform for them to use our technology to manage site deliveries. After these humble beginnings, it became more apparent that the solution may be a viable, nationally scaled standard. The Voyage Control and Suffolk IT teams saw a need to streamline the onboarding process for new site teams from a technical perspective. We collaborated to design an automated process that leverage’s Suffolk’s internal workflows to start the Voyage Control setup process, which has now been implemented nationally.

Learning Hub, Suffolk Internal Training

Suffolk is an organization that prioritizes learning and has a learning culture, with several resources and programs available to employees. One of these is the Learning Hub, which is a learning management system that is leveraged internally to knowledge share across the organization and give teams the resources they need to grow their skills. This hub houses all of the Suffolk-specific Voyage Control trainings, and is easily accessible, searchable, navigable, and connects people with the content they need.

Long Term Relationship, Key Benefits

After nearly six years of collaboration between Voyage Control & Suffolk, and nearly 30 sites completed to date, Supers and PMs that have used it before can easily implement and use VC on new sites. Now that we have many champions and SMEs in the company (250 trade partners to date), as they move to their next site, they take that learning with them. This is incredibly powerful for the organization, as the knowledge surrounding best practices on how to use the solution continues to grow organically and multiply. They have the best tools available for them at their fingertips, and they already know how to use them.

“Daily data collection is hard. Logistics is the place to do it. You have to plan your deliveries every day to have an organized and safe jobsite. We get great data out of this platform because of it.”

- Operations Manager

Growth by Number of Sites

40,000 Total Bookings 
- Total Bookings = Every time a trade partner or Suffolk inputs a delivery

Data Standardization

The richness of data across 250 trade partners, 40,000 bookings, 40+ sites and 6 years of deliveries provides valuable insight for planning and optimization of trade partners and delivery scheduling. This is why scaling together is so important. By standardizing data related to deliveries across all new projects, we can begin to have real insights across projects nationwide.

Thanks to the Procore integration, we have that process standardized for the sites which allows for more seamless use, opportunities to leverage first inspection, and a reduction in duplicative efforts.