Construction Futures with Hugh Seaton podcast episode

Discover the transformative journey of Voyage Control, led by CEO James Swanston, in our latest podcast episode. From its roots in passenger transport to becoming a key player in construction logistics, James shares insights into the pivotal role of supply chain and logistics in revolutionizing the construction industry.

In this enlightening podcast, James draws attention to the often overlooked realm of supply chain and logistics within construction, comparing its significance to sectors like the military and manufacturing. As a former military officer, James draws parallels between historical military failures caused by logistical challenges and the construction industry's current lack of focus on supply chain management.

Listen to the full podcast episode for an in-depth exploration of these pivotal insights and join the revolution in construction logistics.

Key Highlights

  • Risk Assessment in Construction: James explores the role of risk assessment in shaping the construction industry's approach to supply chain management. He highlights the absence of a dedicated sub-profession within construction solely focused on supply chain and logistics, contributing to the industry's challenges.
  • Standardization Challenges: The discussion touches upon the lack of standardization in construction projects, hindering effective data collection and management. A comparison with manufacturing emphasizes the importance of standard operating procedures for consistent operations.
  • Technology Adoption and Behavioral Change: James emphasizes the need for a significant behavioral change in adopting technology in construction. He discusses the industry's hesitancy to embrace certain technologies and the delicate balance between staying ahead of the market and not advancing too far beyond its readiness.
  • Enterprise Deals and Standardization: The complexities of enterprise deals in construction are explored, emphasizing the need for standardization in procedures across projects. The challenges of transitioning from pilot projects to large-scale adoption are discussed, highlighting the importance of enterprise-level discussions.
  • Labor Shortages and Digitization: Addressing the broader issue of labor shortages in construction, James discusses the necessity for digitization to attract and retain the workforce. He navigates the tension between short-term and long-term perspectives in adopting technology.

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