We are thrilled to have Voyage Control's CEO, James Swanston, recently appear on the Bricks & Bytes podcast hosted by Owen Drury. In this insightful episode, James and Owen delved into various aspects of James' remarkable journey as an entrepreneur and his distinguished career in the Australian and British militaries.

Key Takeaways

  • Confidence in Adverse Situations
    • James emphasizes the importance of staying confident and level-headed in challenging situations.
    • Avoiding a self-fulfilling prophecy is crucial for success in any endeavour.
  • Stress Management Skills
    • James discusses invaluable stress management skills gained from his military experience.
    • The discipline instilled through military service has been critical to his success as an entrepreneur.
  • Flexibility in Entrepreneurship
    • Entrepreneurship requires flexibility, not rigidity.
    • Tweaking ineffective strategies is akin to ensuring essential resources for troops.
  • Military Principles for Entrepreneurship
    • Fundamental principles of war, such as flexibility, strong team building, and mastering logistics, are highly relevant for entrepreneurship.
    • James suggests that entrepreneurship is an excellent second career for military professionals.
  • Fearless Mindset
    • Serving in the military gave James a fearless attitude about handling business risks.
    • High-stakes experiences in the army made entrepreneurship seem less daunting.
  • Resilient Mindset
    • Embarrassing and tragic experiences during British Army officer training shaped James' resilient mindset as an entrepreneur.
    • Facing fears in the military contributed to his toughness and preparedness for founding startups.
  • Confidence and Self-Belief
    • James stresses the importance of staying confident and avoiding panic in challenging situations.
    • Having self-belief creates a self-fulfilling prophecy for achieving goals.

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