Reducing Congestion At Antwerp Expo

Antwerp Expo have become market leaders in hosting events, seeing more than 6,000 companies and 500,000 visitors across 60 events annually leading to issues with congestion. They were looking for a tech solution to help solve for this and found Voyage Control!


  • Congestion of deliveries at the loading bay
  • Lack of visibility into when vehicles arrive on-site
  • Long, costly wait times for truck deliveries
  • Manual, time-consuming check-in process


  • Created time slots for contractors to book deliveries

  • Provided data for analysing which contractors are showing up on time for their bookings

  • Ability to contact on-site drivers in real-time

The number one problem at Antwerp Expo has been on-site congestion. By using Voyage Control to book appointments via slot times with set capacities, we’ve solved this problem!

antwerp graphic

Time Saved

Exhibitors who booked using Voyage Control saved hours of waiting time compared to previous events. Drivers are able to get in within 5-10 minutes of queueing for their time slots.

Environmental Impact

We’ve helped the Local Community by decreasing carbon emissions. Drivers travelled 96,164 KMs more than the last event, but with the help of our scheduling software, average CO2 emissions dropped by 7 Kilograms.


Vehicles overstaying their time slots decreased 31% from last year, lowering overall queue time by 455 minutes. Also, no-shows were down 15% from last year, showing exhibitors are understanding and using the software efficiently.


“Our standbuilders complimented us saying this was the smoothest build we ever had. They got their work done much quicker using Voyage Control.”

- Project Manager, Antwerp Expo