Lean Principles we Impact

Daily Log and Documentation

  • Consolidate all delivery documentation
  • Procore Daily Log and Submittal integration

Eliminating Defects

  • Real-time QA/QC involvement
  • Visibility into first delivery of a Submittal

Utilizing Talent

  • Let foremen, superintendents focus on putting work in place, spending less time communicating with subcontractors and vendors

Reduce Wait Time

  • Subcontractor or General Contractor employees can schedule timeslots for
    deliveries that fit into your project’s schedule
  • Enables scheduling collaboration through simplified communication

Resource Planning and Scheduling

  • Allocate crane/hoist/forklift resources based on scheduling needs
  • Transparency at all levels so everyone can see what’s coming in and when
  • Minimize overtime for deliveries coming in late by reducing the number of
    unexpected deliveries

Minimizing Inventory

  • Coordinating deliveries through a single platform allows for easier application of Just-In-Time construction

Motion and Transportation

  • Delivering to the right spot, at the right time
  • Reduce unnecessary motion (double handling)


  • Understand who is arriving late
  • Ability to analyze the times of day and site locations with the highest tardiness percentages

Vendor Performance

  • % of failed deliveries
  • Number of deliveries per day

Actionable Data

  • Benchmarking and measuring progress
  • Metrics become actionable pieces
    of information
  • Vendor accountability

Efficient Scheduling Delivers Value to Stakeholders


  • Reliable and real-time scheduling makes internal planning easier

     General Contractors

  • Enhances operational efficiencies


  • Visibility into the project, allowing for more efficient land use, minimized queuing and reduced need for staging/storage yards


  • Decrease congestion around the jobsite