Welcome to Voyage Control for the Port of LA and Long Beach.

Schedule pick-up and drop-off appointments, synchronize vehicle trips with freight schedules, and reduce turn times.

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Participating Terminals

We’re very proud of the platform we’ve built that helps Marine Port Terminals more efficiently manage their incoming truck pickups. By offering a scheduling platform for trucking companies to use for booking pickups ahead of time, the terminal is able to manage the incoming flow of traffic into the yard to maintain a steady flow of deliveries, reducing the typical bottlenecks of traffic. Since implementing the system, trucks are spending 20% less time at YTI every time they go pick up a container!

Proud Sponsor of the Harbor Trucking Association

Voyage Control helps the trucking community increase productivity at terminals and provides availability information for important containers

Voyage Control cuts down on costly failed trips to the terminal by securing appointments and by knowing container availability at the port

Who We Help


Create accountability for drivers and for terminals in delivering important containers

Track deliveries and provide confirmation for BCOs


Confidently arrive on site knowing a container is available for pick up

Voyage Control can assist in decreased wait time at terminals


See all appointments per diem

Secure day-of and future appointments for containers