We’ve Reached 1 Million Bookings!

There’s a great saying in tech circles about focusing on the metric that matters (and it’s talked about constantly).

Understandably for anyone trying to run a business, revenue and profit are right up top. Sometimes other metrics are very important too; we recently passed our one-millionth booking which is also an important milestone. Initially, I was a bit dismissive of this as a bit of a vanity metric, but perhaps most importantly though, it means we now have one million data points about logistics operations for our clients.

A great VC, Brian Laung Aoeah, talks about the world as a supply chain which is absolutely true and logistics sits at the very center of how the world operates. On a daily basis when I talk to our customers or potential customers, very few of them have previously had a coherent picture of what’s happening in their supply chain. For too long, it has been something fundamental to their operations but hidden through the fog of spreadsheets, faxes, and phone calls.

Edwards Deming wrote about the cold hard truth that survival is not mandatory which is absolutely true in business which we have seen in construction and maritime through recent collapses of Carillion in the UK and Hanjin in the shipping world. The ability to see what is happening, and thus measure and manage logistics and supply chain activities, will be fundamental to the growing success of our clients, and we are excited to be able to provide them with the tools to do this.

In the last seven months, we’ve processed more bookings than in the preceding four years (and last year was more than the preceding three years), so it’s exciting to see a real tipping point in growth. What is more exciting though is the potential of unlocking the insights that this data provides, and thus how we can help our clients and users, and the wider community, benefit from more efficient logistics.

As with any company trying to do something brand new (as we have been), it is always about having a good team through the crazy slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, and so it’s important to thank everyone involved – not just the guys in the company, but our families and friends, and of course our great customers and partners as well who put their faith in us.


James Swanston

Voyage Control CEO


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