Mexloop: Global winners building the next generation of transportation with Hyperloop One

Voyage Control, as part of the Mexloop consortium led by Fernando Romero, was today announced as one of the global winning consortia to build a Hyperloop One transport system between Mexico City and Guadalajara.

Full press release here:Mexloop Hyperloop One Winner Press Release

As a technology company entirely focused on transforming the logistics industry, it is amazing to be part of the leading edge of innovation seeking to push the boundaries of what is possible. Not only this, we are particularly inspired by the opportunity to support an initiative that will aim to unlock economic and social benefits for Mexico and its citizens through changing the way in which people and goods move around, which will help to address Mexico’s severe congestion, emissions, and poor air quality.

Our own role in this is to support global best practice for logistics surrounding both the construction and operations of the project. We already work in the logistics industry and are very committed to transforming many of the archaic processes and technologies that currently exist. As our platform is used around the world across multiple sectors, we see the impact that poor transportation has on the global economy, hence why we believe it is important to commit to a great cause like this.

Hyperloop One’s Announcement Here: hyperloop-one global challenge

To see Hyperloop explained, watch this video, preferably in full-screen:


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