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yard management software

As the complexity of the global supply chain grows, scalable and tailored solutions for freight logistics are becoming increasingly critical. At Voyage Control, we are redefining freight logistics by implementing sustainable solutions to streamline scheduling, traceability, and intermodal communication, while reducing costs as a result of increased efficiency and lowered fuel consumption.
At shipping ports in particular, our platform’s primary focus has been the optimization of transporters scheduling container pick-ups and drop-offs. Consequently, users benefitss from of reduced turn times, decreased terminal congestion, heightened traceability and metrics, and improved vehicle flow. While these nearly immediate advantages are crucial in improving freight logistics, pick-ups and drop-offs are only a piece of the logistical puzzle. Thus, we are excited to widen our scope and develop a yard management tool, which will initially be implemented for terminals and yards, eventually finding valuable applications for inventory control in the exhibition and construction industries.
In order to develop a powerful and relevant tool for yard management, we must first address the various challenges and inefficiencies experienced in yards today. One prevalent  challenge is the lack of visibility into container location and status in many yards. Without a clear view of the yard layout on a given day, planners find it difficult to schedule deliveries appropriately, and hostlers are unable to arrange the yard to maximize efficiency based on the day’s pickups. When containers cannot be found or take multiple moves to locate, pick-ups and deliveries can be delayed, and fuel consumption and emissions increase. 

By developing a robust and easy-to-use yard management system, we aim to decrease current inefficiencies by promoting visibility of containers, yards, dock doors, and gates. With Voyage Control’s yard management system, yard checks will take a fraction of the time, warehouse teams will have complete container information at their fingertips, and all departments will enjoy improved efficiency and metrics. And of course, Voyage Control’s yard management system will integrate seamlessly with our existing scheduling platform, allowing freight transporters and yard teams to better accommodate freight flows.

We look forward to sharing development updates in the near future!


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