The Time Has Come For Technology to Make Its Mark on Logistics!

written by the Voyage Control Sales Team

Established industries can be difficult to break into with new to market transformative technologies. Why fix what is not broken (though inefficient)? Increased revenue from found efficiencies is one reason. Business relationships often take years to cultivate, so why risk being an early adopter? The answer is to gain market share while forcing your competitors to rethink new business development strategies.

Logistics is similar to commercial real estate (CRE) in that it has not seen the transformational technologies other industries have (personal transportation with Uber & Lyft). The CRE industry recently experienced an influx of new technology. Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL) launched its space search engine HiRise (to compete with the likes of WeWork), capturing all represented vacant space under 5,000 SF. Now, young companies looking for office space no longer need a broker to scour CRE information company CoStar’s database on their behalf. Competitors CBRE and Cushman Wakefield need to develop similar software, or come up with an equally efficient way to onboard these growing companies (a strong but risky business pipeline in a industry with long sale cycles). Real estate is relationship based and startups are the best new long-term opportunity for tenant brokers.

It is understandable that traditional industries will be slower to onboard new technology to improve services. The time has come for logistics to catch up. Few out of the box software’s currently exist in the logistics industry. Third party developers (SAP) and internally developed platforms have been the standard until recently. Internally built software’s typically cannot share data, takes several years to build, and is likely outdated before development finishes (let alone tested).

Startups are breaking into the logistics space at an amazing rate striving to be the management solution fit for the 21st century. Voyage Control is that cutting edge logistic management solution for transports hubs of all sizes. Our powerful easy-to-use software platform enables ground transport hubs to actively manage, optimize, track, and communicate to their traffic, similar to an air traffic control system. New approaches to traditional industries take time to be adopted, but one thing we do know is that the momentum is carrying us well.  With other companies looking to improve supply chains and logistics, with increasing investment capital flowing into the industry, we’re in great shape to bring the challenge to the industry for the better over the next few years.



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