Tips to Make your Business Greener

Everyone can play their part in making the environment a better place and businesses are no exception. Cutting down on waste is not only environmentally friendly but ultimately can save you money.

It’s important to keep staff motivated and interested in keeping your workplace environmentally friendly. Offer incentives and keep people updated with the figures. If you’ve reduced paper waste by 50% then let people know and reward them.

Here are some tips to making your business greener

Print double-sided and only when necessary

Turn off lights when not in use and put up signs to remind people

Turn off computers and machines at the end of the day – this will save 50% of energy use

Install hand dryers instead of paper towels

Use energy efficient light bulbs

Encourage staff to recycle everything that can be including cans, paper, plastic bottles. Put in place recycle bins to make it easy.

Recycle things that might not be obvious such as cartridges, batteries and electronics.

Use recycled paper and other materials

Use Hybrid or electric company cars

Use non-toxic cleaning products

Switch to electronic invoicing

Buy reusable cups, plates and cutlery

It’s important to remember that there’s no finish line. You will need to stay on top of new ways to improve your business’s carbon footprint and continue to encourage staff to contribute and think of new ways to make your business greener. If you stick at it, it should become part of your office culture and business values in no time.


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