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This week, the country will be taking to the polls once again for the European Parliamentary and local government elections. But another way to help change your local area is to get involved with the London Space for Cycling campaign. This year, the campaign aims to persuade local councils to adopt cycling improvements to boroughs. These improvements include:

  • Protected cycling space on main roads
  • Removing through motor traffic
  • 20mph speed limits
  • Cycle-friendly town centres
  • Safe cycle routes to schools
  • Safe routes through parks and green spaces

You can help implement these improvements by emailing your local election candidates using an electronic form, with a pre-written message, on the Space for Cycling website. Type in your postcode and you’ll be able to see the proposed improvements to your area.

Around 3,000 people are seriously injured or killed every year on Britain’s roads. Two thirds of these incidents occur at or near a junction, and most in daylight during morning and evening rush hours. Between 2010 and 2012, there were 40 deaths in London alone. A further 14 were killed in 2013.

Many people who would like to, do not cycle in London, simply because it is not safe. This needs to change. Carbon Voyage supports the Space for Cycling Campaign because it aims to make cycling in London safe and enjoyable. We need to encourage local councils to make changes so that more people to take bikes rather than cars.

Large vehicles are responsible for most cycling deaths in Greater London despite accounting for only 5% of traffic. Carbon Voyage aims to reduce the number of large vehicles on the Capital’s roads, thereby making the roads safer for cyclists.

The official website has plenty of information about Space for Cycling, as well as news, cycling advice, cycling services including where to buy a bike, forums and information on routes and fun cycle rides. To get involved and support the campaign to improve cycling routes in your local area, visit The London Cycling Campaign website.


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