Londoners Sit in 82 Hours of Traffic!

Londoners sit in 82 hours of traffic a year which is 10 hours more than last year. The congestion charge is set to rise a further 15% but in the last decade, the congestion charge has forced a reduction in just 10% of the capital’s traffic.

Currently the congestion charge for those who pay in advance or on the day is £10 and this will rise to £11.50; and for drivers who pay automatically the price will rise from £9 to £10.50.

But will the increase really make much of a difference? The number of hours that Londoners are stuck in traffic increases substantially year-on-year, so the congestion charge seems to be making little difference.

Congestion and associated traffic jams are bad for business. Money is wasted on fuel and lost drivers’ hours while vehicles are waiting in queues. It’s also bad for the environment and is dangerous for pedestrians and cyclists.

It can be argued that if the congestion charge was increased substantially to around £20 a day, then that might help make a significant dent in London’s traffic.  With only a 10% reduction in central London traffic since its inception, more needs to be done to reduce queuing and a higher price might do that.

Of course, that cost would be detrimental to business that need to send drivers through central London regularly. So what’s the answer? Perhaps it’s us!

At Carbon Voyage we can help reduce the costs and traffic emissions caused by queuing by improving traffic flows and operational efficiencies at venues and transport hubs. We do this by using software we’ve created that allows drivers of large vehicles to arrive at venues only when there is capacity for them. This cuts down on queuing times and fuel costs. With certain delivery times, it enables users to pick the time most suitable for them.

The bottom line is more needs to be done to cut down on the city’s traffic and the congestion charge alone is not enough to do that.

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