London has largest amount of NO2 emissions in Europe

London is the worst in Europe for Nitrogen Dioxide emissions, which have sky-rocketed since an EU-wide shift towards diesel engines in a bid to curb Co2 emissions. One in six vehicles in the UK has a diesel engine, which can produce harmful amounts of NO2.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has recently named and shamed London as one of Europe’s worst cities for air pollution. Our capital breaches WHO NO2 safety emissions by 50% in some areas and the UK faces huge fines if it fails to meet targets to lower it. While other British cities have plans to reduce traffic emissions to within the legal limit by 2020, London has insisted it cannot meet its targets until 2025 at the earliest.

Overall, only 12% of people in the world who live in cities, reside in an area that complies with WHO safety guidelines. This year, WHO estimated that 3.7 million people across the globe died in 2012 from air pollution-related illnesses including stroke, heart disease, respiratory illnesses and cancer.

Beijing has few rivals when it comes to air pollution, frequently soaring above that of the recommended safety guidelines set by WHO. While London’s air is much cleaner than China’s capital, it is still the worst in Europe and kills many thousands every year.

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