Empty Lorries Cost Millions in Wasted Fuel

Empty freight vehicles cost the country millions in wasted fuel according to The Centre for Sustainable Road Freight. The findings suggest the logistics industry could save £160 million in fuel and prevent 426,000 tonnes of carbon emissions from being released, equivalent to the amount generated by approximately 70,000 cars a year, if it reduces empty running of vehicles.

The Centre also found that despite freight movements being up, loads are still down, with the proportion of empty kilometres run increasing by around three per cent over the last 13 years. Almost a third of HGV kilometres driven were without any freight, when on average they could have been carrying 10.4 tonnes of goods per vehicle. They also found that most freight operators, 87 per cent, employs fewer than 10 people and owns an average of four vehicles.  Only 55 road haulage companies employ more than 250 workers.

The government wants to reduce carbon emissions by 80% by the year 2050, but if this is to be achieved, then companies need to work together. It will require investing in new technologies and new ways of thinking.

We are developing new ways to reduce carbon emissions all the time. At the moment we are working with freight companies that deliver to venues across the country that want to save money. We help them identify other freight vehicles travelling to the same venue that might only be carrying half a load. The freight company can then cost effectively ‘rent’ the space in that vehicle, which will save them time, fuel and driver costs.

Another project of ours includes reducing traffic emissions caused by queuing by improving traffic flows and operational efficiencies at venues and transport hubs. We do this by using software we’ve created that allows drivers of large vehicles to arrive at venues only when there is capacity for them. This cuts down on queuing times and fuel costs. With certain delivery times, it enables users to pick the time most suitable for them.

Carbon Voyage is committed to reducing carbon emissions and if we can save companies money and cut down on fuel, then everybody, including the environment, is a winner.


Photo by David Wright Licence


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