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Back in 2009, our founder and CEO James Swanston started Voyage Control. Back then the company was called Carbon Voyage, and was focused on passenger transport. James’ vision was to build a way for people to share their cars and taxis more easily, and in doing so reduce congestion and pollution while saving everyone time and money. After some initial success though, James turned his idea to freight transport.

Helping businesses manage and optimize their freight deliveries was the challenge James wanted to take on, and Voyage Control was born to take on this task. The company’s principles have remained the same since we started. For a system to be efficient all the parties involved need to have the most information possible available to them. Businesses suffer with their freight deliveries and vehicle fleets because their knowledge is fragmented.

By using Voyage Control to manage their freight deliveries, our users have access to a much larger pool for knowledge, and this is what drives efficiency. In business terms more efficiency means higher revenues and lower costs, alongside less congestion and pollution.


James Swanston


You’ll find him on planes, trains, and automobiles

James is the CEO and founder of Voyage Control, a technology business focused on making logistics more efficient. He has run a number of businesses as well as serving as an officer in the Australian and British Armies with tours of duty in East Timor, Iraq and Afghanistan. He was awarded the US Bronze Star, the Defence Imagery and Geospatial Organisation’s Outstanding Service Award and the Australian Joint Operations Command Commendation.

He has bachelor degrees in Law, International Business and Arts, and a Masters in International Relations. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts and holds the Freedom of the City of London and the Worshipful Company of Cordwainers. In 2014, he received the City of London’s Entrepreneur of the Year Award and was named a Rockefeller Foundation’s Resilience Innovator.

Renee Page

Director of Operations

Manages the LA office

Renee leads our operations department and is responsible for managing HR initiatives that support Voyage Control’s growth. Renee brings over two decades of leadership experience working for Fortune 500 companies including Apple and The Container Store, as well as Williams-Sonoma, one of the largest multi-channel specialty retailers in the world. Throughout her career, she defined her skills in the areas of business operations, training and people development which has led to several accomplishments. While working for Apple, she played a key role in the development of employee training and development initiatives to support Apple’s rapid growth of internal talent and created an employee recognition program. Before joining Voyage Control, Renee worked as an Executive Director for a handcrafted American whiskey startup, focused on developing new business opportunities, managing partnerships, brand initiatives and directing new product programs.

Renee spends countless hours on the sidelines of soccer and football fields, watching her children play sports, driving around LA to find the best skateboarding spots. Renee enjoys snowboarding,  running by the beach with her dog, Aspen and cooking for her family.

Heath Craster

Account Director & Head of Product

Manages the London office

Heath is involved in most aspects of Voyage Control, and now focuses predominantly on product development and implementation. Before his current position, he spent seven years as a business analyst and project manager designing and implementing software for leading companies within the insurance industry. With previous experience in building software teams and managing large budgets, Heath decided a move to the world of small business would be more of a challenge.

He has a degree in Management with Accounting and is also a serving officer in the British Army with a tour of Afghanistan under his belt. During his tour, he served as one of the first Reservists to lead a regular infantry unit in Afghanistan. Born and raised in Zimbabwe, Heath has a keen interest in the outdoors and enjoys competing in many sporting activities.

Cas Stillwell


Runs Marketing out of LA

Cas runs the marketing department, helping potential clients realize the benefits of using Voyage Control’s SaaS platform. He’s worked at media and creative agencies in New York and Houston, but prefers the sunny SoCal lifestyle where we’ve established our US headquarters. He has experience in media buying and planning, account management, and most recently ran the ad tech, ad ops and analytics teams for an independent media agency.

He has degrees in Marketing and Advertising from SMU in Dallas, which helps in bringing the big picture into focus. Having worked on creative and media teams with US & Global clients, he knows it’s imperative to consider the long-term goals for any company that wants to succeed. He’s originally from St. Louis and is willing to go to a Cardinals game in any city they’re playing.


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