Who We Help in the Ports Industry

What We Offer

Decreased congestion, queue times and turn times


Increased visibility and planning in terminal operations


Increased level of control in cargo flow

Flexible platform with role-dependent viewing options


Reduced CO2  emissions resulting in cost-effective environmental compliance


Cargo organization and prioritization


Voyage Control helps terminals organize cargo delivery and movement while providing visibility to better service their customers


Voyage Control provides real-time container availability and scheduling reducing phone calls, redundant appointments and daily printouts needed to update teams within any part of the company

Owner and Operators

Increase visibility in terminal volume flow and productivity

Monitor all companies accessing the terminal on a daily basis

View comprehensive analytics for all appointments and cancellations

Yard Management

View and manage volume flow at in-gate and within the yard

Plan for incoming ships and cargo

Visualize and prepare high volume areas within the deliverable yard

Customer Assistance

Provide assistance to all customers using informed container information, including freight availability status, LFD, demurrage and customs holds

Trucking Companies

Voyage control helps the trucking community increase productivity at terminals and provides availability information for important containers


Voyage Control cuts down on costly failed trips to the terminal by securing appointments and by knowing container availability at the port


Create accountability for drivers and for terminals in delivering important containers

Track deliveries and provide confirmation for BCOs


Confidently arrive on site knowing a container is available for pick up

Voyage Control can assist in decreased wait time at terminals


See all appointments per diem

Secure day-of and future appointments for containers

Beneficial Cargo Owners

Voyage Control provides comprehensive insight into where containers are and which companies or terminals are handling important cargo


Voyage Control increases visibility in cargo movement and location while promoting accountability for delivering companies. BCO’s can see when the containers are available at the terminal and when they have been checked in or out of the terminal

Local Community

The local community benefits when Voyage Control is used because it reduces congestion around the terminal that can negatively impact surrounding businesses and road conditions


Voyage Control reduces scenarios where terminal traffic is blocking the roadway and customers are consequently denied entry or turned away

Why Use Us?

Reduce congestion

A dynamic scheduling platform based on complex backend algorithms and customer specified constraints will reduce queuing and link up operational processes inside the terminal yard

Proactive control

Our platform enables real time control of your site through visibility of incoming traffic and the ability to communicate to all stakeholders (including drivers)

Improve user experience

Significantly decrease driver que time and increase productivity by knowing the incoming volume by hour at the terminal, cutting down on the number of failed runs for your customers

Easy to implement

The platform is client customizable and deployed over the cloud

Improve productivity

Collect management and company productivity analytics to make informed decisions at the terminals, for drayage companies and drivers

Meet compliance requirements

Voyage Control reduces the environmental impact of idling and queuing trucks that produce carbon-heavy emissions, while also making environmental compliance simpler and more cost-effective

Success Stories

Voyage Control’s software has been successfully deployed at the terminals to assist in port logistics


We are providing visibility into container availability to improve productivity and reduce congestion at the terminals


Our software has been applied across varying industries and projects to facilitate multiple forms of time-sensitive information and present it in a user-friendly environment


If you are interested please drop us a line at sales@voyagecontrol.com