Who We Help in the Events Industry

What We Offer

Scheduling system where exhibitors can make bookings for their vehicles


Reduced queues, congestion and wait times


Eliminates the need for a marshalling yard near the venue

Real-time insight into availability of resources and drop-off time slots


Security: Approval process and the ability to see who/what is on site


Lower CO2 emissions

Venue Managers

A dedicated account manager on hand to help out


Analytics around journeys, punctuality and on-site capacity


Ability to change the capacity of loading areas


Access useful statistics about all incoming deliveries and plan staff hours accordingly


Use CO2 emission savings to help draw new events to your venue

Event Organizers

Able to see who is booking at what time and when they are arriving


Able to add bespoke information to guide the exhibitor to the venue/ location within the venue


Ability to plan ahead access times for different user types and allow early access if necessary


Liaise with the event contractor for forklift services


Take data in the appointment system to add staff at the check-in area if needed


Use last year’s drop-off data to plan how many days setup and breakdown will take this year

Traffic Management

See when the busiest times and days are


Able to plan marshalling on the docks/ loading bays/ access points


Oversee security measures


Plan staffing needs in advance


Plan ahead for how many staff will be needed during specific parts of the day by knowing when all incoming drop-offs are occurring


Check-in becomes a breeze with our tablet and mobile app, eliminating the need for clipboards full of paper forms


They know what time they are to arrive at the venue


Access to customer support team to help guide users through the booking system and assist with any issues


Less stress for exhibitors with limited queuing when accessing the venue




Allow exhibitors/drivers access to the venue with minimal queuing


Save time, money and CO2 emissions with drivers getting in and out of the venue quicker

Local Community

The local community benefits when Voyage Control is used because it reduces traffic congestion and impact on the surrounding areas throughout the construction process


Reduce scenarios where trucks queue on the street causing traffic jams

Why Use Us?


Know what vehicles are onsite with a complete audit trail

Happier Customers

Reduce queuing time and save your visitors time and money

Data and Analytics

Insight into your operations with powerful and easy to use dashboards

"This initiative represents our ongoing commitment to innovation and offering sustainable solutions. Moving in our events more efficiently with this mobile app is a real game changer."
VP of Operations with Metro Toronto Convention Center
"The Voyage Control booking system means contractors can time their deliveries and it encourages everyone to think more about efficiency. In fact, one of our contractors has said this was one of the smoothest build ups they've ever had."
Event Director with Ideal Home Show

Success Stories

Our software has been successfully deployed at Exhibition Centers in over five countries worldwide


We’ve provided visibility into exhibitor drop-off times, reducing congestion and increasing productivity


We’ve helped clients win awards by enhancing their logistics which in turn makes Exhibition Centers environmentally friendly


More and more conventions are brought on to our software as a means to conferences operating smoothly and efficiently


If you are interested please drop us a line at sales@voyagecontrol.com